Gutter Crew Member

Valentine Premier Roofing
Job Description
Valentine Premier Roofing is looking for one or two workers to help us with our gutter crew. General policies and requirements of the job include:
- Be on-time to all VPR jobsites.
- Take direction from James Whitley, VPR Gutter Project Manager.
- Climb roofs tearing off gutter system.
- Climb roofs applying gutter system.
- Wear protective gloves and use tools such as hammers, screw guns, metal crimpers,
metal snips, caulk, etc.
- Clean jobsite of all trash prior to job completion.
- Breakdown removed gutters and load in trailer to haul away.
- Wear VPR shirts for identification on jobsite.
- Other projects may include demolition.
- Use of drugs or alcohol when working as a sub-contractor for VPR is strictly prohibited.
- Other items that are required by James Whitley, VPR Gutter Project Manager.

As a sub-contractor to VPR, person(s) with 1099 status are required to fill out paperwork for income reporting including SSN information and a physical home address. VPR retains the right to hire/fire any sub-contractors for not meeting VPR policies and spirit of these job responsibilities.

Please contact Susan Law, VPR Office Manager, at 972-538-4400 or via email at for all inquiries regarding becoming a sub-contractor for Valentine Premier Roofing, LLC. Thanks!

​All people we are looking for would be considered sub-contractors and have 1099 pay status.
They would not be an employee of Valentine Premier Roofing & General Contracting (VPR), but
that is a possibility over time if there is a good fit between VPR and sub-contractor.